Thursday, 7 August 2014


Roisin continues to excel, having reached Horse Point 5.

Roisin is roughly position #15 -- a fantastic achievement.

We are very proud of her.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Roisin is doing really well.  She has reached Horse Station 2, completing the first 80km. Only 920km to go. 

Roisin is in the chasing pack behind around five riders who are at check-point number three. 

See below for picture of the day from The Adventurists 

Is this the way to Amarillo ... or Stonehenge?


Support our girl!


Finally, for those wanting a little light relief ... 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Testing, testing ...

Dear followers of Roisin's blog, 

Roisin is on her way to Mongolia.  Brockley expects.  

In her absence, the one and only LINDSEY SINGER (currently flying back from hanging out with Rio Ferdinand in Rio, as you do) and I will be caretakers of the blog.

Today's blog is about what YOU can do to help Roisin over the next two weeks:

1. Sponsor Roisin: To those who haven't already, please, please, please sponsor Roisin -- every little helps, and it would be fab if we could raise an extra £500 while she is Mongolia. You can support Seeing is Believing by donating at the following page:

Roisin is currently at £2,024.90.  Can we get to £2,500?

2. See how Roisin is doing in the race. The Mongol Derby's tracking site is live now: (the race starts next Tuesday). We will keep you posted with updates of Roisin's performance on a daily regular basis.

3.  Support this blog:  Please feel free to send pictures, anecdotes, articles for us to include on this blog.  Next Thursday we will be having a #tbt (throwback Thursday) special, so we are especially keen to receive FUN photos of our girl.

4. Support Roisin on Twitter and Facebook, using our delightful hash-tag: #teamroisin 

Lindsey and Tom 
Now, then, and always #teamroisin 

Post prepared by Tom 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

"How to follow the Derby", or, "Tom - sports journo extraordinaire"

My friend Tom (@iamcooling) is taking over my blog and twitter feed while I'm away in Mongolia.  Thanks, buddy!

Here he is, kissing a dog

If you'd like to follow the Mongol Derby closely, you can track the riders live here:

Bear in mind that Mongolia is 7 hours ahead of the UK, so the race will start every day at midnight UK time and the riders will have to stop at 1300 UK time each day.  

If you miss the live action, you should be able to read an update from Tom on this blog or my twitter feed (@rmmongolderby) later in the afternoon, although he obviously has a life and is doing me a favour so no guarantees!

Monday, 28 July 2014


Unusually, I found myself strolling along the Southbank at sunset.

That is all.  Bye bye London.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Pure gold: skincare tips

But not your average skincare tips...

This is for rowers, climbers and anyone who works with their hands.  Want to know how to make your hands harder?  Want to repair your hands after they've taken a bit of a beating? Want to glue your split nails back together and manage ragged cuticles?  File

This article tells you everything you need to know - product, care and maintenance.  It's fabulous.  Vogue beauty awards be damned!

Sky Running

An old housemate of mine, Liz Barker, recently ran the Dolomites Skyrace.  She's a serious athlete and I'm used to seeing photos of her cycling or running in scenic mountain locations, but the photos she posted recently are something else.

Image borrowed:

This is an event only for experienced mountain runners: the route is a 22-kilometre up-and-down loop which features 1750 metres of ascent and 1750 metres of descent.  The start and finish are in the ski and holiday resort of Canazei (1450m).  The highest point on the course is on the summit of Piz Boè (3152m), the highest peak of the 'Gruppo del Sella' massif.

I can't really describe how awesome this race is.  Just take a look at this video...

Chapeau, Liz!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jusqu'ici tout va bien

I must apologise for the long delay since my last post.  As the race has drawn closer, I've been busier training but also at work and making sure that all the plates keep spinning.  One of those plates has been fundraising.  I have been immensely touched by the generosity of old friends, new friends, acquaintances and colleagues who have dug deep to raise over £3,000 for Seeing is Believing (with bank matching).  

You can join the fight against avoidable blindness here.

As for my progress in other areas, with nine days until I get on a plane and fly to Ulaan Baatar I can only repeat the immortal words:

jusqu'ici tout va bien

Clearly an excuse to post this video.  Enjoy!