Friday, 1 August 2014

Testing, testing ...

Dear followers of Roisin's blog, 

Roisin is on her way to Mongolia.  Brockley expects.  

In her absence, the one and only LINDSEY SINGER (currently flying back from hanging out with Rio Ferdinand in Rio, as you do) and I will be caretakers of the blog.

Today's blog is about what YOU can do to help Roisin over the next two weeks:

1. Sponsor Roisin: To those who haven't already, please, please, please sponsor Roisin -- every little helps, and it would be fab if we could raise an extra £500 while she is Mongolia. You can support Seeing is Believing by donating at the following page:

Roisin is currently at £2,024.90.  Can we get to £2,500?

2. See how Roisin is doing in the race. The Mongol Derby's tracking site is live now: (the race starts next Tuesday). We will keep you posted with updates of Roisin's performance on a daily regular basis.

3.  Support this blog:  Please feel free to send pictures, anecdotes, articles for us to include on this blog.  Next Thursday we will be having a #tbt (throwback Thursday) special, so we are especially keen to receive FUN photos of our girl.

4. Support Roisin on Twitter and Facebook, using our delightful hash-tag: #teamroisin 

Lindsey and Tom 
Now, then, and always #teamroisin 

Post prepared by Tom