Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How much is too much?

In the case of the Mongol Derby almost anything looks likely to be too much.  There's a limit of 5 kgs on what I'll be able to carry in my saddlebags so as I start thinking about what kit will get me across 1,000 kilometres of Mongolian wilderness I'll have to focus on weight and space.

I'm going to try and spread the cost of the kit over the year and I also want to make sure it is well worn in, so I will think about and buy my kit in phases.  I am starting with cold weather kit to be tested skiing and on my cycle commute in London.
My list so far:
- down jacket 
- base layers
- sports bra
- sensible knickers (*sigh*)
- waterproof socks (I can't bear wet feet)

The days will be hot, hard and possibly wet; the nights will be cold.  What would you take?