Tuesday, 8 April 2014

March Reckoning


I'm starting with this because for some reason, weight loss has accelerated.  I weighed 72 kgs just after Christmas, 69.7 at the end of January, 68kgs at the end of February and now... 66.7 kgs.  That's almost a stone lost in three months and I'm about 1.7 kgs off what I weighed when I rowed/ was training for triathlons.  I am still resisting the temptation to post pictures of myself in my underwear, but I'm not sure how long I'll manage to hold out.


I'm glad to say that since the last reckoning, I've ridden at the cavalry, marked and marshalled an endurance ride, ridden (a very little pony club) endurance ride and shovelled mountains of shit.

Cross Training

Cross fit continues.  It is ace.  

And that's about it, really!  Thanks to everyone who is helping me - Maggie, Anita, Willings, the coaches at London Bridge Crossfit and the Lewisham Running Club.  A special mention this month to Fergus for his motivational speeching, too.