Monday, 7 April 2014

Old friends and new

What a weekend...

It started with catching up with an old friend, who made new friends...

Big ears

This old friend is the only person I know who's handy at fixing stuff.  But he took one look at the busted door handle I was hoping he'd fix and said it was probably the spring.  I don't have a spare spring.  Fat lot of use he was.  Didn't even do the dishes.

Then the Lewisham Running Club met for "running" and the old friend redeemed his fix insufficiency by providing bacon sandwiches...

Look at my f**king red trousers

Bacon in the sunshine

Entertainment (as ever) was provided by Lindsey...

Why so shy?!

THEN off to the yard and Anita and my first endurance ride!

Two old pros, one dressage maestra and a plonker in tweed

Before you ask, yes, I rode the whole darn thing in tweed.

Tally ho wot wot

That super techy shell I bought last week? You know, that cost loads and which I thought would be great for riding in the rain?

Hanging on a coat stand in London with the tags on.  Naturally.  Blithering idiot.

*pause while blogger considers riding the Mongol Derby in a tweedy jacket*

Knicker situation still dire.  In case anyone was wondering.  Suggestions very welcome...