Saturday, 24 May 2014

The call of the steppe

Seems like even for those who grew up on a horse in Mongolia, the call of the steppe is irresistible...

Mongolians on horseback project begins


The Mongolians on Horseback project, which aims to travel on horseback across a distance of 8,538 km in six months, through 100 soums of 15 provinces of Mongolia, launched two weeks ago.

Five Mongolian men started their trip from Tsonjinboldog to Umnugovi Province on May 9. Students majoring in geography and tourism at the Mongolian State University of Education, N.Ganzorig, M.Batchuluun and Ts.Davaakhuu, initiated the project.

The three are accompanied by photographer from Photo Pictures Studio Ch.Boldbaatar and cameraman of ETV D.Natsagdoo. A documentary film about the project will be created during the trip.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, General Authority for Border Protection, Mongolian Democratic Union, Tumen Khishigten project and G-Mobile are sponsoring the project. Designer Ariunaa Suri made the outfits for the team.

 The following is a brief interview with one of the students, N.Ganzorig.

 How many horses will you travel with? How will you ensure your safety?

Preparation was huge because our goal is big. We are planning to travel with three horses per person. We have 15 horses in total. We prepared barley flour and dried meat for food.

There is not much water in Umnugovi, Bayankhongor and Khovd provinces. How will you travel across the Gobi?

It is difficult to cross the area on horseback. That is why we will travel close to soums.

How will you pass the taiga of Khuvsgul and Khentii provinces, and the Altai Mountains?

We will change our horses in Bulgan soum of Khovd Province. The Altai Mountains is one of our biggest obstacles. So we will go through soums.

How will you arrange your study during this trip?

Teachers and director of the Mongolian State University of Education have not supported our project. We took a year’s leave from school. There is nothing to regret.

Can you ride a horse?

I was raised in the countryside. I have ridden horses since I was six.

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