Saturday, 10 May 2014

Travel disasters

This week, travelling has been fraught...

But, thank you God, here I sit at Gatwick gate 567, cooled by the lovely aircon and waiting, yes, waiting, for my flight to Marrakesh.  It's a miracle.

In no particular order, here are my travel disasters of this week:

1. Car ends life due to accident;
2. Last minute change of flight due to disorganisation at great expense;
3. Forget passport. Panic;
4. Trains not running because it's the weekend and I live in broken Britain;
5. Get on wrong train once I'm past the apocalyptic zone of Central South East London. Board tram (wtf?!). Run;
6. Lock on suitcase breaks. All cash and credit cards are locked inside;
7. Living life on the edge, spend last £20 on trashy novels and San Pellegrino.

What's your worst travel disaster? And was it salvageable?