Sunday, 16 February 2014

A new friend

This weekend was notable because of the beautiful weather... 

This other Eden

...and because I rode Sadhira for the first time.  You may remember her from earlier appearances as Katy's very own wonder horse, complete with bucking and rearing motion.  

Earlier photo. May be a while before I'm brave enough to fiddle around whilst sitting on this (Sadhira, not Katy)

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but, trusting in Maggie's judgment and with my heart in my mouth, I hopped on and ...slipped straight off.  Which is what happens to idiots who are so focused on not falling off they forget to check their girths.  

Sadhira, on the other hand, as minxish and determinedly unpredictable as ever, betrayed my anxiety by behaving like a kitten (leaving the far more able Maggie P to handle Manita who was feeling the first flush of spring) (at 21!).  Lots of mane flicking and a little prancing, but the little mare was so busy looking pretty she hardly noticed me - I'd like to think we both had a jolly time.  Maggie's horses are the nail in my animal-fondness coffin, I think - all characters but so willing to please I feel like I ought to write a thank you note after riding!

Peritas also behaved inpeccably and had a lovely time with his new friend...

Post enthusiastic humping by both parties. Not named in vain, it would seem! 

Tuckered out, the little chap slept all the way home.  But what a first day out.

More, please!