Monday, 3 February 2014

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

So this was my weekend...

Brilliant Torq bar for breakfast - tastes like raspberries. Not raspberry flavour, but real raspberries.  Thanks Torq and the Adventurists!

A little light cleaning...

Clever Chip poo'd in his water bucket.  Nice.

A delightful ride out with Willings demonstrating how to sit a rearing, really!


Then it was a quick wash and brush before dinner in Henley.  Note: do not use silver hair shampoo if you aren't silver - it's purple and it smells.  And renders your hair straw like.

The Silver Fox

Mondo, Gelling, Henry, Robbie and Padmore

Gelling, Padmore, Elliot, Bethan, Alice

Bethan, Alice and Sarah

Mondo obligingly told a story of how he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory... I took notes. Not that I've ever been within sniffing distance of victory, but just in case.

Mondo: the ladies love him but he doesn't notice

Robbie and I pushed on. 

And then it was 4:45am

The only cure for a hangover is fresh air. Actually, there's no cure, but...

Moo en plein air

A beautiful day in Henley

Remind me why I live in London?

And then via KFC home to clean my boots.