Monday, 31 March 2014

A post for London-based Mongolia enthusiasts (all three of us?)

Photo - Rebecca Empson

On Thursday 22 May, Dr Rebecca Empson will give a talk at the London School of Economics on the economics of temporary possession.  She will discuss whether an economy can be based on the temporary, rather than outright possession of resources and commodities, with reference to Mongolia and the significance of this question for Mongolia.

I can't recommend the LSE lectures enough - they are always worth attending if you're interested in the subject matter and I've found that even a passing interest is good enough.  Plus, they're free and anyone is welcome.

Dr Empson is a professor of Social Anthropology at University College, London and lists her research interests as: the politics of personhood; subjectivity and memory; exchange across bodily and territorial boundaries; new and alternative economies; migration and diaspora communities; and visual and material culture.  Her regional focus is on Inner and East Asia, especially Mongolia.