Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Apologies for the radio silence over the last few days- as you know I was a bit under the weather.

But I made it out to help Maggie Partinson mark and marshall a race on Sunday.  And what a beautiful day it was!

Just after dawn

The race was an endurance ride around Tilford and the first endurance ride I'd seen.  Boy, did the riders get lucky with the weather.

The pony club on the tops

I had quite a nice time too...  Turns out there was a film set on location and the riders had to be paused occasionally for a scene to be shot. 

Mildly exciting. 

Some filming was going on v.nearby hence the smoke 

But MORE exciting was the fact that MICHAEL FASSBENDER is starring in this film!  The man himself!  Sadly no photos, but, *sigh*, I was in the presence of greatness.

Still had enough time to hang out and recuperate in the sun, though...

Peritas on guard

AND my little car went on an adventure, too...

Off road in an eleven year old Mazda

But it got a bit carried away.

Bad car

I had to be rescued by the (really quite dishy and glamorous) location manager.  In his big truck.

James and his Subaru Forrester

Ooops!  Thanks James!  And thanks for the very helpful Derby recommendations - great to meet you.