Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The February Reckoning

The February Reckoning 

General news
This month I got a puppy, the police recovered my stolen Brompton from a neighbour's house (thanks you idiots), it has rained an awful lot, I went skiing (again) and ... er ... I've done a lot of training.  
March should be a good month: Tilford endurance ride where I'll help mark and marshall the course, hunting before the season ends and Liverpool Half Marathon at the end of the month for a grudge match with an old training partner.  Watch out Jenny Lee: I'm coming for you.

I've raised £640 so far... Thank you to everyone who has donated.  For anyone who hasn't yet, you can click here to do your bit for the fight against avoidable blindness.

I have started riding Sadhira.  

This is a work in progress.  Clearly she missed the memo about my "unshakeable natural authority" and "total confidence in the saddle" because she behaves as if I were nervous and she were Sadhira, Queen of Everything.  Strange.

Thank you once again Maggie Pattinson.  You have been very patient this month ("I find it more helpful to do [insert bogstandard yard task here] like this [cue polite correction of whatever retarded thing I was busy doing]").  And your advice has been excellent ("LEAN FORWARD LEAN FORWARD LET HER GO THROUGH YOUR HANDS").  Without your encouragement ("you sat that buck!") and the excellent company of your various friends and clients who have suffered me along with you, I wouldn't have learnt even half as much.  And Peritas wouldn't have such a great friend in Basil.

Maggie is an excellent endurance trainer - you can find out more on her website - she offers a kind and intelligent approach to training for both horse and rider.

Cross training
I'm definitely getting stronger, thanks to 7am Cross Fit classes (I get up at 5am so no biggie) (yeah in your face late risers) and the team at CrossFit Central London.  Thank you everyone there and thank you Torq for your excellent recovery drink - it really helps with muscle soreness. 

Anita is also busy building me a better body... 

If you're having tweaks and niggles or even serious problems, I would heartily recommend her.  She's based near Albury and feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Last, but not least, I shouldn't forget the Lewisham Running Club - it's been emotional, you guys.  Particularly the sausages.

I weighed a massive 72 kgs on return from Austrian fat camp and 69.7 at the end of January.  The downward trend has continued and I now weigh 68kgs.  That means I've lost 6 kilos (just under a stone) since I started training.  So clearly the odd KFC doesn't hurt!