Thursday, 13 March 2014

The last time somebody pointed out that cowboys ride horses, not tricycles, I shot him.

I'm sure this won't seem exciting to anyone else, but last night I met up with Riding Club people and rode one of the Household Cavalry horses (badly)...

Lovely (dozy) Cambrai on right

Me on a professional horse (right again). Thanks for the tip re: mirrors (and the photos) Fergus!

Then I went home and reviewed my submissions (only one typo) (but still, ffs).

This is because today I was in court to fight the good fight (won! Hoorah!) and now must dash to be interviewed and photographed by a newspaper and a magazine.  To retain the air of possible glamour I shall not divulge the publications yet.  

Hopefully I'll be photographed in the lovely smart Riding Club jacket loaned by the delightful Katharine Quinlan, CEO.  Thanks Katharine!