Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Helpful Suggestions #1

Lots of people have made helpful suggestions.  Like "it would be much easier to get the train, really" and "if you're feeding a horse, make sure your palm is open - otherwise it'll bite you."  

None compare to this one, though...

Best Helpful Suggestion So Far

Chap on right
"I think you ought to put steak down your pants to stop, you know, the chafing.  That's what Tour de France cyclists used to do.  Actually, I think that's what the Mongols used to do.  I think that's where steak "tartare" comes from.  They're called Tartars, aren't they?"

Chap on left
"No - steak tartare used to be made from horsemeat and the Tartars used the meat from under the saddle because it's the most tender.  So you should put a steak down your pants."

One bit of this suggestion is correct...can you guess which? Answer in tomorrow's blog post!