Friday, 13 December 2013

Life is enriched by difficulty; love is made more acute when it requires exertion

It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to get into an introductory session at a London CrossFit gym.  Why?  Is it really so great?

Anyway, CrossFit is still aspirational.  Recently I have been spending my time groaning, eating clementines and garlic bread and reading Far from the Tree.  

Far from the Tree: A Dozen Kinds of LoveFar from the Tree is about how parents deal with children who have different identities to their own for a variety of reasons; autism, dwarfism, schizophrenia, Down's syndrome, disability, deafness, child prodigy, transgender issues, criminality and children born of rape.  It's very readable, but about a million pages long... so far I've read the chapters on deafness (interesting), dwarfism (relatively cheerful), Down's syndrome (touching), schizophrenia (sad) and autism (utterly depressing).    

Then my arms got tired and I had to read the Daily Mail to remind myself that not all parents are consumed by their fight for decent health care for their children.  Some parents have the additional pressure of making sure their children have all the cosmetic surgery they need.  And we should all remember that.

Back to Far from the Tree and just the chapters on child prodigies, transgender issues, criminality and children born of rape to go...