Friday, 20 December 2013

when the sun comes up, you'd better be running

II ran in to work this morning.  All the way - 5.5 miles.  Not like Tuesday, when I hopped on a Boris bike just shy of Elephant and Castle, or last night when I ran home as far as Surrey Quays (I live in Lewisham and work in the city).

You can follow me on Strava, if you're a Strava enthusiast - if not, it took me 48 minutes and I averaged 8.5 minute miles.  Not terrible, not great.

Apps for runs/bike rides

Strava has almost rendered GPS redundant.  It maps your route, gives you splits, pace and a total time and it's free.  If you want to get a heart rate monitor and link it, I think you have to upgrade to a paid service.  Strava tips and tricks are here.  It's also worth noting that weak iPhone batteries scupper Strava if you go on long runs/bike rides.  Solutions for that problem include are considered here and here.

Controversies surrounding Strava (largely because it's a social site and allows users to race each other remotely) are here and here.

I love it.  I don't use it to race anyone but its great to record training with little thought or preparation.