Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ahoy me hearties!

Thar be treasure...

I always check the in tray at work and I never get anything - not even work letters.  Very exciting to get a call from the post room to let me know a parcel had arrived!

The parcel

Trying not to utter squeals of delight, I ripped it open...


And couldn't rifle through the exciting contents immediately...

Work meant I missed last night's crossfit, but I ran home to inspect the contents of the treasure box... 

The red square is an Adventurist's buff, an adaptable neckerchief-cum-balaclava-cum-scarf.

The black bag is my saddlebag.  There's also:
- the Derby handbook (looks great - really well designed);
- my race shirt, ready for loading with sponsors' logos;
- Torq bottle, gel, bar and energy drink powder;
- a light race backpack/hydration system;
- aquapac waterproof stuff sacks; and
- beech wool knickers.

A brilliant haul.  I'm particularly looking forward to trying the knickers on Saturday.  No more walking like John Wayne.

I'm also looking forward to trying the Torq products - Torq are a riders' fitness consultancy who produce energy/ recovery nutrition products.  Maggie kindly offered me some Torq recovery powder last weekend, which I'm going to try this week and next.  

I'm currently finding that by the third crossfit session each week, my muscles are sufficiently fatigued that I am very slow and struggle to complete the workout.  I don't think it's fitness, just strength and I'm sure the problem will reduce as I get stronger, but I'm optimistic that the Torq recovery powder will help in the meanwhile.  Watch this space.

By the way, tomorrow will be the first monthly progress update - fundraising, weight (groan) and training.