Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year, new start

I love New Year and New Year resolutions - reflecting on past mistakes but with the positive aim of changing for the better.  What are your New Year resolutions?

1. Lose weight

Yeah, I know - I'm a minor secret fatty.  I eat largely junk food.  I'm tall, so it doesn't show, but at the minute I'm at least 70 kgs.  After several berner wurstel days I am probably more...

2. Get fitter: the Commuting Challenge

In addition to Crossfit, I'm going to commute only by foot or bicycle, donating £5 to Seeing is Believing every time I take the tube.  Why don't you join me?! 

3.  Get more sleep

4.  Do NOTHING on Sunday afternoons 

5. Do more for other people 

Other people do an awful lot for me and I've been the recipient of much kindness from friends and strangers over the years: volunteers at sports clubs, colleagues, friends who've helped me out in times of need or simply been excellent friends and last but not least my family (of course).

Fundraising.  I'm trying to raise £500 to prevent avoidable blindness by New Year...the total currently stands at £290 so I'm a bit short, but you can help by donating to Seeing is Believing here.  

Volunteering. My employer allows me to take three volunteering days a year and I'm spending them (on top of my own time) helping at the Bethnal Green Law Centre.  I would encourage everyone with a few hours to spare to get involved in community volunteering - it's fantastically rewarding, you meet interesting people and there's a huge variety of projects you can get involved with, from sports clubs to community gardens to homeless shelters to projects to help local children.  Have a look here for inspiration.