Saturday, 18 January 2014

Changing gear

I spoke to Maggie about how much training I should be doing last week and got a bit of a fright.  I think of myself as reasonably fit - I cycle to work, or run (5miles each way) and would happily run a bit further.  But in the context of a two-week endurance race, the ability to jog slowly every now and then won't cut the mustard.  

My aim is to do more and build a good base of fitness and strength, but in a sustainable, flexible and non-psychotic way.  The Derby is still six months away, after all and I do have a job and a social life!  Plus, I'm not going on a diet because despite being a fatty I can't be bothered.  That may be why I'm a fatty.  I still can't be bothered.  I'll worry about that later.

The Plan
- crossfit to build strength and fitness
- riding with the London Club London and whoever else will have me (!!) to build riding-specific muscles and endurance
- riding lessons to work on my seat
- commuting and running with the Lewisham Running Club to build endurance

After my first week of this sustainable, flexible and non-psychotic approach I feel on the verge of death.

After being treated to a glass of wine on Chancery Lane last night ...

Thanks, Adam!

And a kir royale with some old friends...

Zen Coates

Chinese tourist Miranda

I hit the sack and slept like a corpse for ten and a half hours, woken by the doorbell as the Lewisham Running Club started to arrive.

I managed the run but I did not enjoy it.  And now I feel like a senior citizen.  What to do?  Straight to the cinema to sleep.  I mean, watch a film.

The good time guys!