Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Super tolt!

Another lovely day in Surrey at the weekend.

This post is delayed because I was struck down by an evil 24 hr bug.  Or was poisoned.  As you like it.

Maggie optimistically gave me a map (I can't read maps) and to be polite I tried to look at it.  And noticed that the Devil's Highway is, of course, in Surrey.

And off Maggie's cousin and I went for a lovely ride.

Sorry for the view, Monita!

Meanwhile, Maggie was coaching and look at who she was helping!

Pony in pyjamas

I PROMISE I don't go ga ga over animals very often but I have never seen a pony like this: the pyjamas!  The tolt!  The afro!  The noise he made as tolted along! 


This is what the tolt looks like, for those who've never heard of it:

It's a completely different gait - very comfortable, apparently.  You learn something new every day...