Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Back on the slopes!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: You've donated £290 to help prevent avoidable blindness so far!  Thank you so much to those of you who have donated.  For anyone who hasn't...


A final push for £210 to meet my target!  Remember kids: dirty cash (money talks)...

Sorry for the patchy updates over the last few days- the Interweb was down in rural Austria and the WebMan was busy.

But you'll be pleased to know that after a slightly surprising lack of snow at the foot of the mountain...

The Grimming

It wasn't so bad up top.


I am an extremely nervous skier, but I gritted my teeth and skied Tauplitz yesterday and Planneralm today.  Are you a scaredy skier or are you quite happy to bomb down, scattering small Austrians as you go?

You can all learn a lot from this.  

Only one (minor) panic/tantrum which the Snout skilfully avoided by skiing with ein German.

Ein German

By the way, my feeling that Germany and Austria must be friends is out of date.  Don't ask how that conversation ended...

My knees and thighs are killing me, so if nothing else I know now that much strengthening work needs to be done.  I have started to think about New Year's resolutions!

Have you decided what your New Year's resolutions will be?