Friday, 10 January 2014

Want to join the ride?!

I think I'm about to get some personal news coverage!  This means that I can start to approach potential sponsors who would like to join the ride and be part of my Mongol Derby challenge.  

If you'd like to sponsor me, or if you know a company that might benefit from sponsoring me, please get in touch at

As regular readers will know by now, the Derby will require careful preparation, the right resources and a lot of hard work but the end result should be a brilliant demonstration of what anyone can achieve if they set their mind to it.  And a mad cap gallop across some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!  I can't guarantee the outcome, but I can promise I'll do everything in my power to cross the finish line and, if I make it, that I'll cross with a smile on my face!

I can offer sponsors:

- a mention in any news coverage of me personally (the Derby attracts lots of national and international news coverage);
photographs and content for your company website;
- space on my training and race kit, so your logo will feature in any photograph of me (before, during and after the race);

- dedicated space here on my blog (average of 2,000 views per month so far);
- grateful tweets (@rmmongolderby); 
- a talk with accompanying slideshow for your company after the Derby;
- anything else you can think of and would like (subject to discussion and within reason!).